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it was a pleasure, a trip, a trap, an S trip. [entries|friends|calendar]
<3 SARAI [Captain Kitty Kat]

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Welcome to my journal. I'm Sarai. I'm 17. I'm located in Florida. My journal is full of..well, basically me talking about my life. I like to post pictures. I like people who actually leave comments. I'm obsessed with Japan and all things cute. Jrock makes me happy. I have an amazing boyfriend named David. I love body modification. For more, read my user info.

Layout features Hisame, ex member of Rucid. Layout was made by kiikaa of Crazed System. Friends only banner by .

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Thank you for viewing my journal ^-^.

Please leave a comment if you add me and let me know where you found me!
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Last night was fun. Chilled at the tattoo shop til 5 in the morning getting drunk haha. Played guitar hero. I think im going to get a tattoo or atleast ask them to tattoo me even though im underage. I might go skydiving, too. I need to find a good place online to get decora clothes n accessories thats not ebay, anyone know of any good selling journals or communities?

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holy crap! [01/14/07]
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i got internet on my phone. thats where im updating from. maybe ill actually keep up with updating this way!

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